Hotel Directory

In this directory, you will find helpful information about the area, activities, and our hotel services. If you have any additional questions or requests please contact one of our staff members.

Check-in / Check-out
Check-In starts at 14:00
Check-Out is by 11:00 If you wish to extend the check-out time, please contact reception to be informed if it is possible.

You can leave your luggage in the reception area if you leave the room but still want to stay in the area and depart later.

Air Condition & Heating
You can use Air Conditioning for either cooling or heating.
Use the remote control to set the temperature you wish. Please make sure that your balcony doors are properly closed.
We suggest using AC wisely keeping the temperature around 25 to 26 degrees.

The Electric voltage is 220V.

Internet access
there is free WiFI or Lan connection in every room and common areas.