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2014 Winner
Certificate of Excellence
2013 Winner


Elma’s Dream is built just 100 meters up the beach of Hrissi Akti. Next is the area of Makris Tihos, just 3km west of the city of Hania. 


Crete is the biggest island located in the south Greece and Hania is its second biggest city. Because of the geographical position, Crete has always been the object of desire for conquerors along the centuries. Therefore, the history the island has to present for the last 5000 years is amazing. For the visitor, Crete has a lot of things to show. From small villages which time seems to have left intact to modern cities with shops, museums, restaurants etc. Big plants with olive and orange trees extend over the whole island but the greatest attraction is the endless beaches with the clear water surrounding the island. 


The Venetian harbor and the old town of Hania capture the visitor with their style and beauty. Relax in one of the many cozy cafes and good restaurants or just walk around in the small alleys where memories of a tremendous history arise. 

Today Hania populates around 70000. The mix of tradition and modern life has been very successful, giving plenty of opportunities for fun amusement and shopping experience.


Hrisi Akti is the first organised beach on the west of the city of Hania, only 3 km of the center of the city. The white sand and the clear water will soon be the ideal place to spend many hours.